For convenient monitoring and control, AMs have a connection with the server, through which, using an easy-to-learn application, it is possible to configure and monitor the parameters of each kiosk

Service menu

Allows your employees to access the kiosk menu, where they can set up many parameters for the operation of the kiosk, carry out collection, refuel the kiosk (indicate how many liters were filled), perform manual or automatic calibration of water filling.

External lighting control

External illumination control depending on the set on and off times.

Digital value of displacement

Now the server displays the numerical value of water available for sale, if you additionally put a water presence sensor that has a pre-calculated volume, then when this sensor is triggered, the program will automatically update the volume. In the future, remote setting of liters, bottles and maps


Reports for the selected period for all vending machines and for each vending machine separately

Graphical user interface

It makes it possible to more transparently process the purchase of goods by customers, it is very informative and easy to use. Constantly changing and modifying. In the future, the ability to set a personal style and interface design that suits you

Kiosk operation logging

Registration of all events that occurred during the operation of the kiosk. In 90% of cases, it allows you to identify the cause of a malfunction or failure when citizens contact the hotline. The ability to remotely receive the message log without leaving the office allows you to quickly find out the cause of the failure, etc.

Online kiosk management

Locking and unlocking the kiosk
Software update
Restarting the computer and individual devices
Setting different permissions for logging into the server
Item price setting

Remote connection to kiosks in real time

Sale of bottles within one system

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