About company

Waterbox Company is a high-tech leader in the vending equipment market that assembles modern drinking water vending machines into consumer containers. We are a reliable partner for legal entities and individuals involved in or planning to engage in these business sectors.

The presence of its own production base, the introduction of modern technologies, materials and the development of its own software allows the company to implement the most complex projects with consistently high quality. All equipment manufactured by the company is tested at the factory. This allows you to more carefully monitor the performance of the machine before release and transfer to the customer.

Having no analogues, the vending machine monitoring system is an uncompetitive product, the result of the work of our IT specialists, created to exercise full control over the vending machine remotely. We carefully monitor the quality of our products. This allows us to guarantee our partners reliable long-term operation of water bottling equipment.

Why are we?

Working with us -
You reduce risks!

We are a full production cycle enterprise. Our developments are unique in their kind (from software development to production processes). For most tasks, our own resources are sufficient, without the involvement of third-party organizations

Working with us -
You develop your business!

In each project, the result is important to us, not the formal fulfillment of the terms of the contract. We take responsibility for the result and achieve it no matter what the cost.