Who are we

The Vodobox company is a high-tech leader in the vending equipment market, assembling modern vending machines for the sale of drinking water in consumer containers.

We are a reliable partner for legal entities and individuals involved in or planning to engage in these business sectors



years of successful work


major cities in Russia and abroad



automatic modules produced and sold by our company


customers with a network of kiosks of 50 or more

What is a kiosk machine

The kiosk-machine allows you to switch to a round-the-clock mode of serving the population with clean artesian water, thanks to sales without the participation of a seller

Eliminates the human factor
significantly improves the quality
customer service

Today, all manufacturers of kiosks and modules for the sale of drinking water do not have such functionality.

The automatic module installed by the kiosk is made in an anti-vandal design, reliable in operation

Servicing the buyer of drinking water is carried out according to the principle of operation of a bank terminal, which allows the buyer to simply perceive the information that is displayed on the color display and sound accompaniment

Web interface and cloud solutions


Overview of a kiosk with an automatic module

Video instruction on the operation of the modules